Helpful videos

Here you will find videos designed to help people who are just starting STIVARGA® (regorafenib).

Maria’s story

Maria describes her experience with advanced colorectal cancer, including her diagnosis, treatment with STIVARGA, and how she manages side effects. She also shares her gratitude for her support system and for STIVARGA.

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Learn about the kinds of cancer STIVARGA is prescribed for, important information about how to take it, and how it works in the body as an anticancer drug.

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It's important to take STIVARGA exactly as prescribed. It's also important to know which foods you should eat when you take it, the foods you should not eat, and how to properly store STIVARGA.

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Management of hand-foot skin reaction (HFSR), tiredness, and diarrhea when taking STIVARGA

There are many common side effects that may happen with STIVARGA. Knowing what symptoms to look out for and how to manage these side effects can make a difference in your experience with STIVARGA.

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